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All of our services are backed by an uncompromising goal towards quality and your completely satisfaction.  We pride ourselves in our safe and effective products that are 100% safe for your entire family.  Including your pets.  We guarantee our work without fail and have a 20-year history of success to back up our work.


Safe, dependable, affordable pest control to keep your home and family pest free.  Rather than costly long-term contracts, we provide quarterly services to suit your needs. 

We perform a thorough inspection of your home’s structure, noting visible pest activity and suspicious conditions that may allow pests into your home.


Keep your employees safe, happy and healthy in a pest-free working environment. Our commercial pest control services are designed to eliminate pest problems in your place of business. 

Our knowledgeable staff ensure efficient response to your calls. All A&M Pest Control's pesticides are EPA-registered, chosen for their safety, leave behind no visible residues or odors, and will not disrupt or inconvenience your daily business practices.

Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and Ticks are not only a problem for you family pets.  If not properly controlled, fleas can become infested in your home and bite family members as well.  Our flea and tick treatment plan is multi-faceted and will eliminate these pests in your home and yard.

Additional treatment for your pets may be required.  Please consult your veterinarian or animal professional for treatment.

Rodents and Small Animals

Rodents’ instincts make them difficult to control, and they present a serious menace to your home. Rodents can damage property and make your food unsafe to eat, and even spread disease.

Our methods will eliminate rodents and small animals from your home.  Guaranteed.


Spiders can be a helpful pest around your home, keeping other insects at bay.  However, here in Texas there are several types of spiders than can leave a painful and sometimes deadly bite on their human victims. 

We treat all types of spiders including Black Widows and Brown Recluse.

Ants and Roaches​

 Homes are generally an ideal environment for these pests.  They provide food, water, warmth and a safe place to live.  Roaches and ants are better at hiding than you are at finding them, and their eggs are naturally protected from insecticides. Without special equipment, materials and know-how, ant and cockroach control can be a losing battle.

Let us fight your battles.  We are the experts!

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